Gothaer Kunstforum, Cologne

Gerald Steven Pinedo regards his installation on the slave trade as the major work of his life. Not just because, in terms of its dimensions and the amount of time and material invested, this is his largest creative work, but because as a descendant of slaves, he feels a profound obligation to set up a memorial to the millions of abducted and tormented victims, deprived of all rights.

We wholeheartedly support Gerald Steven Pinedo's artistic endeavour to preserve the memory of a dark chapter of human history and sincerely hope that his installation, on its tour of Latin America and various European cities, will meet with the respect and attention it deserves.

Member of the board of the
Gothaer Kunstforum

Cultural Center of Spain in Havana

The Cultural Center of Spain in Havana institutionally supports the project named Slavery, since it is of great interest for Cuba, considering the relation that this sad phenomenon has had with its own history.

That is why this Center has recently held the Journeys on 'Black Slavery in Andalucia and in the Iberian Peninsula' organized by CEIBA Fundacion de Cultura Afrohispano-americana, which constituted a big success among the Cuban audience.

We are certain that this exhibition will be received with the same enthusiasm.

Maria Amezua
Vice director