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  • Central arrow represents in this case its Earth firmness from the spirit of the Congo.

  • Triangle that means the fire, spiritual Renaissance, force that is expressed for the purpose of the work.

  • The skull is representing the spirit of the Congo in this translation or Nganga.

  • Inner circle with the 8 earth planets that form the Nganga or translation:  4 corners, marry, cemetery, river, hospital, police, hill and bibijaguero.

  • Outer circle:  the sky with Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Mercury.

  • The two triangles represent the hills jimaguas on position East and West.

  • The inverted triangle is pointing to the reality and the matter.

  • The signature of the left, the palm reaffirming itself in the Earth, symbol of Seven Nsasi Rays.

  • The house is in this situation from the Ngueyo and a symbol for the money, a constant problem in this case.

  • The horizontal lines are the destiny and the end where fula will be put (powder) to begin or to finish the work.